Jam version: https://pepperboi.itch.io/dicey-math

*5 unlockable colors and a leaderboard*

Oh NO! It's time for the dreaded math quiz. But your pencil broke and you only have your dice only two sides of your equations done. Good luck!


  • Wasd or arrows to move around the menu and in game
  • Enter to check your answer
  • R to restart

Sound Credit:

Might do at some point:

  • Hard mode(multiplication and division)
  • Mobile support

Post jam Done:

  • More correct answers at the beginning
  • Speed up movement a bit
  • Extra score when you get it right before the timer runs out
  • Online leaderboard

Share highscore in the comments:


dicey_mac.zip 40 MB
dicey_win.zip 33 MB


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The leaderboard screen doesn't check for W 0/10 literally unplayable (hahahaha I'm joking but pls feex)

Also when you have #1 unlocked it assumes you have all the others unlocked. Which wouldn't normally be an issue except the leaderboards are pretty barren.

It's because someone might want to type the letter W, you can still use the up arrow