Post jam version:

*3 unlockable colors(If someone gets the gold one they might be a literal god)*

Oh NO! It's time for the dreaded math quiz. But your pencil broke and you only have your dice only two sides of your equations done. Good luck!

Made in a day(ish) for MiniJam 83 with the theme dread and limitation Dice Must be a Mechanic and BenBonk Jam #3 with the theme two sides.


  • Wasd or arrows to move around the menu and in game
  • Enter to check your answer
  • R to restart

Sound Credit:

ToDo post-jams:

  • Hard mode(multiplication and division)
  • Hard mode leaderboard
  • Mobile support
  • +feedback and suggestions

ToDo Done(not in the game yet because the jams aren't over):

  • More correct answers at the beginning
  • Speed up movement a bit
  • Extra score when you get it right before the timer runs out
  • Online leaderboard

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Tags1-bit, 2D, Black and White, Dice, Grayscale, High Score, Pixel Art


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Is it possible to download it somewhere?

Looked awesome, and nice concept!

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The presentation of this was great! nice work given it was only a day. What you wanted to do is what I ended up doing ( trickier than expected



Probably my favorite game, not to hard to understand. Simple palette and the music is very nice! Great game.

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I’m glad you enjoyed!