Move with wasd or arrows

You are a robot an you are stuck in a spring world. You need to get the keys (the arrows are pointing to them) to escape. Can you do it and can you do it fastest? 

There is a leaderboard in this game.

This uses the optional color pallet

Code by PepperBoi

Art by TrueAuraCoral


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Really nice cute Metroidvania-style game! I like the art and the little animations. I also really liked the progression in the game i.e. finding the powerups before embarking on the adventure down below. Although it would be nice to have a few pointers or hints as to where to go. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when making games such as the use of checkpoints. I found that some sections were really hard and it was a bit frustrating going back two screens. As a general rule, you should put checkpoints right before a difficult section.

Overall, a nice colourful game with charming visuals nice art-style. I also really liked the scrolling animation between rooms! Keep it up! :)

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Thanks for the feedback. The arrows above the head point where to go and I said that in the how to play in the menu. Also there are actually 2 keys and you need to get both.