Made in 2 days for the GMTK Game Jam 2021 with the theme Joined Together. This game fits the theme because you have to join the two points you click with a platform.

*Level 2 is broken because I was testing and forgot to remove the block (it’s still possible)*


  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • Right click on dots to make platform
  •  Left click to remove line
  • Enter or ctrl to remove vines



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Weird game, looks are fine, music is quite loud but sounds good, gameplay pretty buggy and i wonder if you even tested the levels? No offense it might be pretty hard for a game made in 2 days but level 13 and 14 are barely possibly alltho i think level 13 is actually impossible. I have to say that i like the concept pretty much :D

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Yeah, I’m not great at level design especially in this time frame, some people completed those levels first try and some people couldn’t do them at all. Anyway, glad you liked the concept!

Can you make this game open source/free software?

Why? I’m only asking because it would be a bit of a pain because it’s on my old laptop.

It wouldn't be. You'll just add .git file to your raw game data files. And git push to the repository. It's going to take 9 min

This game was made on my old computer so it would be annoying to get the files

How about if I do it for you.

Just create a torrent and give me the magnet URL to it>


cool game I like it allo and the turtle is very cool too. But I have to say that the movement is alittle bit strange.Over all very great:D

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Really nice game! The presentation is perfect and the gameplay is smart.

Unfortunately I did not manage to pass level 13.


good game! I love