Made in a week for the Brackeys Jam 2021.2 with the theme Let There Be Chaos


  • Move: WASD or arrows
  • Attack: Space or left click
  • Sign Papers: Mouse
  • Submit Papers: Drag to the bottom






Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


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It is really cool game but a lot of bugs that prevent me from moving on. 


Hi! I am playing and streaming top-ranked games today/tomorrow (starting September 14th at 15:00 UTC and likely for 4-5 hours minimum):

I initially planned to play top-50 games in "fun" category, but since there is such a big overlap between "fun" and "game design" top ranked games, I have enough time to fit all top-50 games in "game design" of devs who join the stream.

I'll eventually play your game anyway, but it will be nice to have you on stream:) If you plan to join the stream, please let me know here and I will wait for you to actually join before playing your game (then let me know when you join in the stream chat). If you can't make it to this stream, but still would like to see your game being played live - let me know as well and I'll postpone your game till the next stream.

Keep in mind though that I am typically quite honest and if you join the stream be prepared to hear what I actually think about the game, which might quite disagree with the rankings.