*Updated to fix a crash after a minute of playing*

Game made for the Godot Wild Jam #45 with the theme Underground. Dodge trains and fight enemies to try to get first on the leaderboard!

Join my discord: https://discord.gg/8tAvpcSz7x

Controls (rebindable):

  • Move: Arrows
  • Attack: X
  • Dash: Z



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Amusing concept and fun to play! I like the retro vibe, and the palette. Took me a little bit to realize I wasn't meant to fight the enemies myself, even though I can attack them. Herding them into the trains is satisfying ^-^

Super fun ! I love the moment I understood that I could smash a ton of enemy with a train !

Super fun! I still gonna beat the first! xD

I love the artstyle but for me i can't move.

Hmm, what browser are you using?


Deleted 1 year ago