A game by PepperBoi and Staintocton

You have been sent by your king to give a peace treaty to a nearby kingdom.
The only problem now is that they don't know that you're delivering a peace treaty.

So you need to dive deep into the minds of your opponents to convince them to let you continue to go deeper into their kingdom, and grant peace to both kingdoms, once and for all.

How to Play:

You get 3 energy per turn

Number in the top left of the card is its cost

The goal of the game is to get the persuasion meter halfway full

Gain card give you persuasion

Reforge cards to replace one of your cards


PepperBoi - Code

Staintocton - Art/Sound

font: https://ggbot.itch.io/kaph-font
icons: https://krukowski.itch.io/free-sci-fi-game-icons

Update during rating period: Fix bug where if you die you cant play again


mac 2.zip 57 MB
win 2.zip 29 MB


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Even though the game was really simple, I enjoyed playing it nonetheless. Great Job.

I do not really had an idea what I was doing but won nonetheless o.O