You got a job at a Rocket Farm, try not to destroy the rockets by keeping them away from you and at later in the game bullets from turrets. Please show pictures of your highscore in the comments.

How to play:

Made in 3 days for the Ben Bonk Game Jam 2.

*If there is an invisible turret, reload*

*Teleporting  is weird on phones*


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Thanks, what was your high score?

excuse me but I don't know

The high score is the blue text


it was surprisingly fun, i started killing the rockets but then realized i was supposed to save them, i still don't know how to get rid of the red turrets and my score was 358 but i'm definitely trying again now that i know better

You cant kill the turrets you are just have to block the bullets from hitting the rockets. I wanted to add an affect that would let you kill the turrets somehow or they die when the rockets hit them but the high score system was broken so I spent my time doing that.

oh, ok thank you

It's very interesting how you control in this game. It was tricky to get at first but once I understood, it was great. My High Score is 916

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Im glad you enjoyed. I made a tutorial that plays when you play and your high score is 0 but for some reason it starts at 2.