Made in 3 1/2 days for the Wowie Jam with the theme Collaborate. You control Peanut and help Jelly figure out who to shoot. Get upgrades to survive 3 minutes in endless increasing difficult levels.


  • Move: Arrows/WASD
  • Select: Enter/Space
  • Restart: R


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsPepperBoi, Jamal Creates
TagsEndless, Godot, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Shoot 'Em Up, wowie

Development log


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The idea is just so fun, I think the game just need more work, but you should definitely make a sequence or something.

Nice game, super fun! Good job PepperBoi and your team!


Got stuck at level 2

i like the fade in and fade out, knockback on damage taken, and parallax background and the portals are great. No sound on damage taken though


Nice game but I got stuck at level 2. Love the upgrades