Made for the 2020 Game Off Game Jam. 

Oh no. Earths spaceship is lost in space with no fuel! You need to place moons to maneuver the ship between asteroids, portals and more to eventually get back to earth.


Left click to place moons. 

Right click and drag to move moons.

D + right click to delete moons.

Space to start the simulation.

R to restart.

M to go to menu.

H for hints.


*Works better with chrome (some of the things dont have color and it just doesnt work on some browsers)*

*If there is an invisible moon go to menu then go back to the level* 

*If the keyboard doesn't work press back then forward in the browser*


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My moons could be somehow fused into one (spotted at lv2), if rightclicking and dragging them, so I have to delete both to place them not too narrow to each other.

The gameplay sounds unique and I like its banner, especially moons replacing those o's & rocket as "i" + the reference of travelling to the moon / gravity :-)

btw works on windws with basilisk, which is similar to firefox.

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Having two moons fused is important to some levels.  When two moons are next they have more gravity. I think there could have been a better way but that was what I could think of.

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okay at fist could not play then could play really cool idea

Thanks, im glad you liked it!

A very cool game indeed. I loved the way moon's gravity affects our rocket's path. I got stuck halfway but really enjoyed it's mechanics. The music can be improved as it got a bit annoying after sometime. Overall, a Solid game. Good work!!

Cool game!!!