Made in 3 hours for the mini jam with the theme gold and limitation one minute timer.(I got bored and decided to join late)

You are a pickax and the mining gods have given you a one minute timer to get as much gold as possible and you get time back each time you get some. Complete with kinda janky movement, highscores, and an pretty good soundtrack play Life of a Pickax today.

How to play:

- Move with more

- Get as much gold as you can before the time runs out

- … that’s pretty much it


- Art: Aseprite

- Engine: Godot

- SFX: Chiptune

- Music: Beepbox(made for a previous jam)



Linux(Jam) 14 MB
Mac(Jam) 30 MB
Download 1 MB

Install instructions

Mac build works for me, Windows was tested, and linux is not tested yet.

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