Made for the blackthornprod game jam 3 with the theme less is more, I took it like less blocks there are the closer you are to completing the level.

How to play:

WASD or arrows to move

Esc to go to menu

R to restart

When you leave the block you're standing on to destroy them

When there are no blocks left you can leave with the portal


Download 70 MB
Download 65 MB
Download 63 MB

Install instructions

Downloads arent all tested.


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Maybe depends on browser or system (tested on windows8.1-laptop with basilisk-browser), somehow if jumping close to the edge to some wall-blocks, with the up-arrow on my keyboard, my protagonist somehow jumps into the opposite-direction than just upwards?

If touching a left/right wall and jumping, even those walls get destroyed if never stepped into them so far either.

At least for graphics and downloads, I guess my device would lag in space in that case, while I like that this game is available as webversion & I like the main-screen's image, especially those clouds. Also cool title and banner, never played many games including a rhino yet.

Are you talking about wall jumping?

Not sure, at least when facing it, there it happens. While when being not close to a wall, my protagonist just jumps upright (what I was expecting even when facing a wall and clicking the "up"-arrow).