Local multiplayer fighting game made for the GMTK jam 2022 with the theme Roll of the Die. Intense 1v1s against a friend with random weapons and even skins

OST: https://soundcloud.com/tachy_bunker/dight-14edo


  • 5 Characters
  • 4  Weapons
  • and 10+(1) Different maps


  • Player 1 Move: Wasd or Left Stick Controller 1
  • Player 1 Jump: C or A Controller 1
  • Player 1 Attack: or RT or B Controller 2
  • Player 2 Move: Arrows or Left Stick Controller 2
  • Player 2 Jump: N or A Controller 2
  • Player 2 Attack: or RT or B Controller 2

Known... features (bugs):

  • You sometimes randomly choose a weapon
  • Memory runs out and the ground glitches


Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/8tAvpcSz7x


dight_export_mac.zip 32 MB
dight_export_lin.zip 18 MB
dight_export_win.zip 17 MB


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I like the style of the game. I found a bug that both players can make themselve ready, while they do not have any stats..


Thanks for the bug report!


controls are a bit strange. WASD+CV is kinda awkward and I can't even figure out what the P2 attack and jump buttons are. Pixel art's great though!


Thanks, I tried my best with the low pixel count I'm grand at it xD


Thanks for the comment, the controls are on the start screen. Do you have any suggestions for better controls? I originally had it r+t for p1 and my friend said that felt awkward so I dont know what the best controls are.