Made in one week for the Brackeys game jam 2021.1 with the theme stronger together. This is the first game I've made in Godot!

Puzzle platformer where you play as two crabs that you control at the same time. This fits the theme because you have to work together with yourself to finish the levels.

The smaller crab moves faster but jumps lower. The bigger crab jumps higher but moves slower.


- Move with WASD or Arrows

- R to restart

- Tab to switch camera

- Esc to go to menu

BUGS (so far tell me in the comments if I missed any):

- Lag on the online version download it if you are having trouble with it

- For some reason the background is out of focus in online version


Download 43 MB
Download 45 MB
Download 44 MB


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your game is so nice, i think so cute the relationship between the crabs, the mechanics and the graphics. If you can play my game too, the link is:

Thanks! I will try your game soon.

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