Made in ~10 days for VimJam 3: Multi-Use with the theme Turn Up The Heat. It fits the theme and limitation because you can use wood to jump on and to burn.


  • 10 Levels
  • Sand and fire simulation
  • Explosions


  • Move: Arrows/WASD
  • Make Wood: Click when you have circle cursor
  • Throw Bomb: Click when you have crosshair cursor
  • Restart: R


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Download 35 MB
Download 20 MB
Download 21 MB

Install instructions

Windows/Linux not tested


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Really cool :D great mood and fun particle physics!



not very well optimized which tanked the quality of the noises. Other then that just needed some more content to be great! 

The audio glitch is an issue with Godots web version, use a downloadable version for better quality

Oh sorry man. This is a great prototype for an interesting puzzle game but other then needing content I like this idea! Can't wait to see more from you!  


Super cool game! The pixel art physics is super impressive for a 10 day jam! Loved the difficulty ramp and that last level was just annoyingly challenging enough to make me keep playing until I finished it haha. Great job! :)