I remember a while ago there was a jam that had the theme multiple genres and it had the theme multiple genres and I had the idea that I could make a game that is a mix between a typing game and a topdown shooter where you have to press a random button on the keyboard to shoot but I missed it so I made the game a little bit and then I stopped because I found a bug. But then this years mix and jam had the same theme but I was doing game off so I wasn't able to do it. So I've been working on it for the last month of 2020 and am going to make that game for the Finally Finish Something Jam 2021 and I'll submit it to INDIE LIFT 2020 for feedback. I used this to create my character and zombies (I changed it to make it topdown) and this to make the tileset.


*If you cant use the keyboard press back and forward in the browser*

*Might not work in some browsers*

*Menu wouldnt load so I removed it*

Possible Updates:

  • Level update (Spikes, HP pickups)
  • Boss
  • Upgrades
  • More enemies

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