I remember a while ago there was a jam that had the theme multiple genres and it had the theme multiple genres and I had the idea that I could make a game that is a mix between a typing game and a topdown shooter where you have to press a random button on the keyboard to shoot but I missed it so I made the game a little bit and then I stopped because I found a bug. But then this years mix and jam had the same theme but I was doing game off so I wasn't able to do it. So I've been working on it for the last month of 2020 and am improving that game in Finally Finish Something Jam 2021. I used this to create my character and zombies (I changed it to make it topdown) and this to make the tileset.


*If you cant use the keyboard press back and forth in the browser*

*Might not work in some browsers*

*The spikes dont all become spikey at the same time*

Possible Updates:

  • Boss

Finished Updates:

  • Level update (Spikes, HP pickups)
  • Common suggestions (higher player speed, menu,SFX, ect.)
StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsPixel Art, Top-Down

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Deleted 2 years ago


This a pretty fun game! 6/5 stars


Fun to play, monsters should be easier to find. Overall cool game. Love the sounds.

What do you mean by easier to find, more of them or better placement

(1 edit)

Some more. I had to walk around a while to find some, played the game a bunch of times. First time no problem but after restart i had to walk around a bit to find some monsters.

The game overall looks good but need some updates. I hope that the project will go further in the future :)

I'm planning to update it (I have the planned updates in the game description) do you have other suggestions?

1. enemies are sometimes stuck in the wall (happened few times on the edge of the wall).

2. I have big lags (performance issues, i have integrated graphic card) [the biggest lags in menu i could barely do anything].

3. players character "cheeks" looks weird (when moving left, right or left right bottom).

4.cannot shoot while moving up (the bullet is stuck in the character?!).

5. hard moving on the map (big idle differences, character moving too much up&down, sometimes I thought I would move very close to the wall but it was impossible).

6.sometimes after many failures with buttons and then doing it correctly the character won't give a shot (unknown reason).

7 .enemies behind the wall tried to get through it instead of moving around (you should program it better or spawn them later).

8.no end trigger.

9. when i play the game first times i heard less enemies sound of attack (sometimes didnt hear any).

Thats all :D

1. This happens because I generate a box for each tile that needs collision and IDK how to change it. The other option would be me placing larger boxes but that would be less precise and take a lot more time.

2. I might have to completely redo my menu.

3. I don't think I'm gonna change it unless more people dislike it.

4.  I've seen this, I'm going to move up the bullet up when creating it and shooting up.

5. This was a test level I am going to change it later.

6. I don't know why but I'll see what I can do 

7. I didn't want to do super complicated pathfinding for lag reasons I might make them not move if they dont have a direct path to the character.

8. No ending because this is just a test level, I might have done a boss there.

9.  The SFX were last minute though I did notice this.

Thanks for the feedback!

the characther is a little bit too slow other than that its a great game

I'm making an update and I'll change many things including faster player speed and a menu

Nice graphics and sound! Having the player a little bit faster that the enemies would be good. Having the letter to press nearer the player might make life a bit easier.

Having the letters on the head is an option in the options menu.